IEEFA Report on Kit Carson Leaving Tri-State

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) produced a report on Kit Carson graph of Kit Carson yearly MW-hr costs 2016-25 avg $75 2018-21 then avg $47 dropping to Electric Co-op's (KCEC) exit from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Co-op (G&T) in April 2019.  Kit Carson exited their Tri-State contract in 2016 for $37M and they entered a 10-year contract with Guzman Energy which includes paying back the $37M exit fee and provides lower rates every year as the co-op moves to be 100% day-time solar powered by 2022--see graph of annual MW-hr costs to the right. The report analyzes the rates KCEC was paying to Tri-State and the economic impacts of the deal with Guzman Energy. 

Access IEEFA's press release and report: Case Study: How Kit Carson Electric Engineered a Cost Effective Coal Exit 

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