Community Supported Organizing

Community Supported Organizing, or CSO, is adapted from Citizen Action Wisconsin’s “Organizing Cooperative” program. It is a model which hires a full-time organizer to implement local campaigns for cooperative reform and mutual aid. By receiving pledges of ~ $1/day from ~50 people, community members provide funding for a local organizer, who is trained by We Own It to create their own organizing cooperative. With We Own It’s guidance, the organizer will grow a campaign leadership team and campaign support for local initiatives. You can think of it like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), but instead of growing vegetables, we’re growing leaders and community capacity.  

We see a future with thriving and resilient local economies served by many, vibrant cooperatives. Together, we can build economic power in a new economy with no basis in toxic capitalism or white supremacy.

Find or start a local campaign
You can start your campaign to build a CSO in your community right now! Once you get started, you will be linked into We Own It's network of coaches and resources to help you along the way.