We Own It Fellowship 2020-2021

Who We're Looking For
We are looking for people like you, who care deeply about fairness, democracy, and opportunity for their community.  You may be an experienced leader in your community or just beginning. This opportunity is ideal for people interested in gaining leadership experience, connecting with a growing network of grassroots organizers, helping our neighbors through the COVID depression, and building a new economy that doesn't run on toxic capitalism, exploitation, and white supremacy.

Our fellowship is kickstarting training for its two, new programs! Learn more below:

What Fellows Say

We Own It's fellowship training helps cooperative member-owners develop the skills they need to achieve the changes they want.

We Own It's Fellowship Program

"My experience during the fellowship with We Own It can be summed up with "Power Up", the collaborative effort of community building through action. I have gained relationships and learned tools that have expanded my leadership capacity to empower, uplift, and organize cooperatives through resiliency."
Brian Rowland
City Council Member, Prairie View, TX and 2019-2020 We Own It Fellow
"I feel so loved and supported by you all! Thank you! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and I love being able to apply my Fellowship training to the process of running for my co-op's board of directors!"
Holly Metzler
La Plata Electric Board Member and 2018-2019 We Own It Fellow
"The fellowship program helped me find new abilities that I didn't know I had: making meetings productive and efficient, setting strategic campaign goals, and helping my team find their own abilities as leaders. More than that, it brought me into a community of ambitious people who are changing their communities and the world. Don't tell my graduate advisor, but in some ways, I've grown more this year than in my many years of grad school."
Alex Chambers
Doctor of Philosophy, American Studies, and 2019-2020 We Own It Fellow
"The We Own It Fellowship helped me understand what leadership really is: the ability to empower others through sharing my connection to my work."
Veri di Suervo
Executive Director, Alaska Public Interest Research Group, and 2019-2020 We Own It Fellow
“I liked learning how to create a team and how to ask members of our team to grow the organization. What I learned was really effective in improving my organizing work.”
Carrie Dancy
Black Warrior EMC Member-owner and 2018-2019 We Own It Fellow
“The leadership training we did was really fantastic! I’ve brought the lessons learned around leadership development to a number of other organizations I work with!”
Sayokla Williams
Indigenous Environmental Network Board Member and 2017-2018 We Own It Fellow
Support Someone Else
Know someone you think would make a great organizer? You can support their leadership development and building your community's economic power for $1/day.