Energy Democracy Scorecard & Flipbook

These Energy Democracy resources were curated by the Emerald Cities Collaborative  with input from many networks and organizations including We Own It.  The scorecard is for communities to see how well their community is doing on Energy Democracy and the flip book is designed to be printed out and used to build power and shared analysis around energy democracy.  See the full list of contributors to the project, learn more about these resources, and click to download them below.

Energy Democracy Scorecard

The Scorecard includes a matrix geared towards organizers, activists, policy-wonks, and community leaders who are familiar with energy democracy. This is a subjective scoring template that allows users to identify how well their community (town, city, county, state) is doing to achieve energy democracy. It allows users to see where they are successful and where there are areas for growth at both overarching and issues-specific levels. The matrix provides users with “technical” language and analysis to support community expertise in fighting for energy democracy.  Download Energy Democracy Scorecard here

Energy Democracy Flip Book

The Flip Book is geared towards community members and leaders seeking to build power and shared analysis around energy democracy. This is an interactive booklet that can be professionally printed or created through a DIY. The flipbook allows participants to engage with questions around the 4 criteria/issues of Energy Democracy and see how their community is either “extractive” or “Better, But Not Great” or “energy democracy.” The flipbook offers visuals as well as descriptive prompts to help users. The flipbook can be used both as an organizing tool as well as an advocacy tool to lawmakers. The flipbook also includes strategy questions that support communities in identifying pathways forward to create change. Download Energy Democracy Flip Book here.

Who created this resource? 

The Energy Democracy Scorecard is a collaborative project curated by Emerald Cities Collaborative with project support from Anthony Giancatarino and Donna House. The project is supported by Race Forward and Sierra Club Ready for 100. Contributors to the Energy Democracy Scorecard include members from following member-networks and organizations: 100% NGO Network, Advancing Equity and Opportunity Collaborative, Antioch University, Catalyst Miami, California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA); Climate Justice Alliance (CJA); In-Site Collaborative; Energy Democracy Working Group, Energy Democracy Project, Energy Justice Institute; New York Energy Democracy Alliance, Southern Climate & Energy Network, New Economy Coalition, Sierra Club Ready for 100, NRDC Sustainable and Thriving Communities, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and Transform Finance. For more information please contact Denise Fairchild of the Emerald Cities Collaborate or Anthony Giancatarino Just Community Energy Transition (JCET) Project

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