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We Own It Fellowship 2019-2020

Help electric co-op member-owners in the fight for integrity, transparency, clean energy, lower rates – and above all – restored democracy. And you’ll earn a generous monthly stipend at the same time.

We Own It's Fellowship Program

Want to learn more?

Join us on Wednesday, August 14th for our Energy Democracy Watch Party & Discussion.  Join We Own It to witness the electric cooperative reform movement gaining ground across the country with our new short film! Plus, chat with our team and other like minded folks about how you are or can be part of this movement.

Fellowship Webinar Recording

You can view a recording of a webinar from May 2019 about our Fellowship Program including 3 Fellows from our 2018-19 class.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for people like you who care deeply about fairness, and opportunity for their community to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Fellows are typically rural electric co-op member-owners (or people who work with them.) You may be new to co-ops or been worried about yours for years. You may be an experienced leader in your community or just beginning. This opportunity is ideal for people interested in gaining leadership experience, connecting with a growing network of grassroots organizers, implementing campaign tactics, and much more.

Additional Details

Fellows learn to harness the power of grassroots organizing from the ground up. The program is both technical training as well as leadership development that will have a lasting impact on your career. This same program has been part of democratic change campaigns in the US and 60+ countries around the world. 

Fellows will design and lead their own campaigns at their electric co-ops. Campaigns may be for beneficial programs or specific policy changes at your co-op, supporting new candidates for board election, or reform/anti-corruption campaigns, depending on the local needs. Our focus is on developing Fellows’ leadership and supporting them in developing other leaders in their community. The first phase of the program will be online instruction and coaching as fellows develop their leadership teams, from September to December 2019, along with a monthly stipend of $500. Selected fellows will be invited to attend a hands-on, in-person training workshop January 10-12th, 2020 (We Own It will pay the costs for your travel, materials, lodging, and meals during this training) and will continue with in-depth campaign support and a $1000/month stipend from January to May 2020 while executing your team's campaign.

What Fellows Say
"I feel so loved and supported by you all! Thank you! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and I love being able to apply my Fellowship training to the process of running for my co-op's board of directors!"
Holly Metzler
La Plata Electric Member-Owner and We Own It Fellow
“I liked learning how to create a team and how to ask members of our team to grow the organization. What I learned was really effective in improving my organizing work.”
Carrie Dancy
Black Warrior EMC Member-owner and We Own It Fellow
"Working with member-owners scattered throughout Minnesota, I've felt isolated. Having a national network of organizers and advocates to support each other in this work has provided much needed inspiration and empowerment."
Erik Hatlestad
Rural Organizer, CURE and We Own It Fellow
“The leadership training we did was really fantastic! I’ve brought the lessons learned around leadership development to a number of other organizations I work with!”
Sayokla Williams
Indigenous Environmental Network Board Member and We Own It Fellow

Who We Are

We Own It is a new, independent, national member-owner movement. We help with organizing, outreach and education. We're committed to helping member-owners protect their rights and make sure that co-ops are focused on serving member interests. We help inspire and empower member-owner campaigns across the US. Find out more about us.

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