Keep People In Their Homes

Credit Unions: Keep People In Their Homes!

Start a Campaign with your Credit Union!

In the U.S. today, 5,000 credit unions serve one-third of the population, with over $54 billion in reserves from member fees. We need to pressure Credit Unions to provide emergency loans to Americans.


Credit Union Leaders: Keep People in Their Homes!
There's an eviction crisis in America right now and credit unions have $56 billion of excess, member-owned capital sitting on their books. We are calling on them to use these assets to help keep people in their homes. Join us by signing our petition!

Find out what your Credit Union can do!

Watch this video to learn how to research your credit union's financial reserves, the money that can be used to help members and their communities recover in today's economy. 

Researching your credit union

Call your Credit Union

To learn what your Credit Union is doing, and what they aren't, give them a call! This questionnaire will provide you with the information you need to frame and start a campaign:

  1. Do you have an emergency loan product (tell me about it)?
  2. What are the terms of the loan? Can a member come back for more if it's monthly? What are payments for it? Is there a regular approval process? What if they have been laid off?
  3. Are there qualifications for the loan as a member? Do they need to have been a member for a certain period of time? Does the Credit Union offer open membership?
  4. What type of loan is being offered if a member has already lost their home? Will they help with mortgages?
  5. Does the loan provide enough to cover a security deposit and rent?
  6. What is the Credit Union doing in terms of outreach? What communities are receiving outreach? Where are these communities located?

If your credit union wants to know why you're asking these questions, send them to We Own It's website and direct them to this questionnaire; it can be used as a credit union self assessment.

The burden is on the Credit Union to provide members with what they need and keep people in their homes.

Start your campaign today!