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We Own Our Cooperatives

We Own It is a national network that stands together with co-op member-owners working to reform and make positive change at their co-ops.

Join us.

How Choctaw Electric Co-op member-owners took back their co-op

What’s At Stake
With $3 trillion in assets, $650 billion a year in revenue, two million employees, and 130 million American member-owners, co-ops are everywhere. A just transition to a new economy, energy democracy, and climate justice runs through them. Find out the stakes.
"I feel so loved and supported by you all! Thank you! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and I love being able to apply my Fellowship training to the process of running for my co-op's board of directors!"
Holly Metzler
La Plata Electric Member-Owner and We Own It Fellow
"There was absolutely no hope without you. It pleases me to know that there are talented people like Jake and organizations like We Own It in the co-op community. My experience with you has been a shining star in my business career."
Richard Reese
CEO Standard Plumbing Supply and former True Value Hardware member-owner
“I liked learning how to create a team and how to ask members of our team to grow the organization. What I learned was really effective in improving my organizing work.”
Carrie Dancy
Black Warrior EMC Member-owner and We Own It Fellow
"Working with member-owners scattered throughout Minnesota, I've felt isolated. Having a national network of organizers and advocates to support each other in this work has provided much needed inspiration and empowerment."
Erik Hatlestad
Rural Organizer, CURE and We Own It Fellow
“The leadership training we did was really fantastic! I’ve brought the lessons learned around leadership development to a number of other organizations I work with!”
Sayokla Williams
Indigenous Environmental Network Board Member and We Own It Fellow